Cancer Signs & Symptoms: Breast Changes (Men & Women)

Don’t ignore these warning signs & symptoms!

Breast changes in both males and females are very common. That said, any of the symptoms below can be a warning sign about potential cancer. Finding these symptoms early gives you a better chance of successful treatment. Discover what to look for below, and remember: knowing and spotting cancer signs and symptoms early can save your life.

male and female breast changes

What To Look For:

  • Nipple tenderness (10)
  • Lumps no matter how small (22)
  • Inflammation and a warm feeling (23)
  • Skin texture changes like thickening, hardening, or looking like an orange peel (10)
  • Nipple changes that include sinking, a rash, newly Inverted, redness, scaling, or flaking (10)
  • Persistent pain in breast or under armpit (23)
  • Breast tissue dimples or wrinkles when stretching arms or flexing chest muscles (23)
  • Nipple discharge or bleeding (10)
  • Breast or nipple changes in size or shape, larger or smaller, especially if one-sided (22)
  • Cracked, dry nipple without breastfeeding (22)

Notice Something? Here’s What To Do Next:

  • Should you spot any signs, consider them a “red flag”. It does not mean you have cancer. If signs do not disappear within one week, contact your medical team for a professional evaluation.

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