Sources of Information

The information gathered on this website is a collection of extensive research and discussions with the following:

  • Medical institutions and clinics
  • Cancer research institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Worldwide non-profit cancer organizations
  • Online medical advisory publications
  • Online health news resources
  • Health encyclopedias
  • Medical journals
  • Video/media producers
  • Individual researchers
  • Individual medical specialists
  • Cancer patients and their families

We appreciate all the information sources, and we also extend credit to all the known and unknown contributors. This list is too extensive to credit each source individually. It is not our intent to portray the information provided on as original material but rather a central location for public use to assist in the early detection of cancer. It is not our intention to violate any copyrights. Our objective is to provide information, education and awareness on containing cancer to Stage 1 with the goal of saving lives at no cost to the individual or economic benefit to Spotting Cancer Corporation.


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