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A note from the founder

Based on our family’s survival success of spotting cancer early, we set out to determine if our experiences could reduce cancer deaths on a global basis.

Our analysis of several U.S. and international surveys and publications found that the public is dangerously uninformed about cancer signs and symptoms—and how to spot them early. Furthermore, it was determined that people do not recognize the importance of seeking medical advice immediately upon noticing body irregularities.

Therefore, as a family, we decided to fund the non-profit organization, Spotting Cancer Corporation, with the objective of reducing cancer mortalities. To reach this goal, was developed to provide free information and methods that will assist individuals—regardless of age, income, geographic location, or access to new drugs—to spot cancer early. Specifically the goal of the website is to educate the public on how to contain cancer to Stage 0 or Stage 1 by:

  1. Charting their family cancer history
  2. Knowing the signs and symptoms of cancer
  3. Performing routine body monitoring that take less than 10 minutes
  4. Importance of having regularly scheduled screening and testing
  5. Contacting their doctor when a red flag arises, rather than waiting for annual check-ups or scheduled screenings

Family History

My family has been personally affected by cancer for more than four generations. Members of the first two generations died quickly after being diagnosed by doctors, because the cancer was not spotted early, so they were not able to have the necessary medical procedures that could have eradicated their diseases.

As for myself, I am a two-time cancer survivor and have just celebrated my 10th year in remission from my second bout with cancer. I have survived because I have learned, along with my family, how to spot cancer signs and symptoms. Our family has also learned the importance of monitoring our bodies between scheduled doctor visits and screenings.

At the age of 46, I spotted a pinhead amount of blood in my stool—one of the primary signs of cancer. I immediately contacted my doctor who determined, through further testing, that the bleeding was caused by cancerous polyps. The doctor recommended surgery to eliminate the disease with no chemo or radiation treatments. This allowed me to maintain my normal, everyday life. As suggested by my medical team, I kept up with scheduled medical visits and screenings.

Not taking anything for granted, I constantly checked my body for signs between visits, and nearly 19 years later, I discovered another tumor. Fortunately, and for the second time, I spotted the cancer at Stage 1. This allowed the doctors to surgically remove the cancerous tumor before it spread.

As the result of knowing how to check my body for possible signs of cancer, I have survived for more than 25 years since my first diagnosis—and I have done it without needing chemotherapy or radiation. Unfortunately, several friends who lacked this information have not survived the deadly disease.

My daughters are also aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer, and they know how to monitor their bodies. This knowledge has saved the lives of two of my daughters.

After having a low-grade temperature for a month and feeling constantly tired, one of my daughters thoroughly checked her body and noticed spots in her throat. She contacted her doctor immediately. After several tests it was concluded that she had lymphoma. The treatments were started immediately before the cancer had a chance to spread past Stage 1.

My other daughter is also a success story. Having witnessed my cancer at a young age, she realized the importance of having routine, preventative screenings. During a scheduled colonoscopy, her doctor detected premalignant polyps, which were removed before becoming fully cancerous. She is now on a prescribed screening schedule watch to stay at Stage 0.

Knowing how to detect cancer early and taking quick medical action are the reasons the three of us are alive today.


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