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The objective of Spotting Cancer Corporation is to save lives. This is done by providing information and methods that will empower individuals, regardless of age, to monitor their bodies on a regular basis between checkups or scheduled screenings in hopes of detecting cancer signs and symptoms early.

Our focus is to provide general information—not medical advice—on the following: 1) how to obtain your family cancer history to share with the rest of your family and your primary care doctor; 2) some of the typical signs and symptoms associated with cancer; 3) some of the many possible techniques to monitor your body; 4) general screening and testing options that can be scheduled by a doctor as an additional means of early cancer detection; 5) genetic testing information 6) the importance of having a medical team.

Detecting a sign or symptom does not automatically mean you have cancer. Therefore, as a precaution, have a medical professional evaluate your finding immediately.

Cancer Opinion Poll

Of People believe that early detection of cancer improves survival rates

Of People agree that knowing the major signs and symptoms of cancer can help to detect the disease

1 in 4
People have never monitored their body for cancer

4 in 5
People said that if they were more aware of common cancer signs and symptoms, they would develop a plan to routinely check for them


All Statistics are from a Cancer Opinion Poll Conducted by Research Now headquartered in Dallas Texas.100


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